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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Balloon balls/bean bags

I saw this ballon bag-ball craft on Flipflops and Applesauce and decided it was mess-free and perfect for an hour of craft time with the boys while their little sister took her afternoon nap.

Materials needed:
round party balloons (3 per ball)
rice, beans, peas, barley, cornstarch, or sand

1. Blow up one balloon to stretch it. Deflate.
2. Using a funnel, pour your food ingredient into this balloon (barley, cornstarch, or sand works best)
3. Cut off the lip of this balloon and fold the leftover neck over.
4. With the second balloon, cut off the neck and stretch it over the first balloon to secure it.
5. Repeat step four with the third balloon to give the balloon bag-ball extra strength.

I can't tell you how cool my boys thought this craft was. They enjoyed pouring the peas the most (we used split peas) and then tossing them into various buckets and baskets around the house. One party balloon bag allowed us to make four balls for two children.

You can see how the girls from Flipflops and Applesauce chose to play with their bean bag-balls, too!

1 comment:

The Montgomery Family said...

You do the coolest things with your kids! I wish I was so motivated :-) I need to follow your example or my kids will have very boring lives :-)