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Thursday, February 19, 2009

RedBox at Walgreens!

I rode by the nearest Walgreens today and guess what I saw???????.....a RedBox machine! I am so excited that I don't have to venture all the way to Walmart and walk inside anymore. The Walgreens machine is located at the Veterans Pkwy location and sits outside near the entrance. Also, every once in a while, RedBox releases random free rental promo codes exclusive to only Walgreens machines. It's good to know that any DVD I rent can be returned to any RedBox location, too.

Now I need to figure out when I'm gonna watch all those future free movies.


Laura said...

YEAH! I am very excited. I can leave little man in the car now. Convenience at its finest!

The Montgomery Family said...

Cool! And yeah, I wish I was the stay up late kind because that would be the only time I could find time to watch movies these days :-)

OOOh...the word verification word today is "umisms". I think I found a new word for Loran to use!