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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Head Stands & Tattoos

The boys entertained themselves for quite a while tonight by performing head stands in the hallway. This all happened just before bedtime so it took a while for them to calm down. Abigail also got in on the fun.

The dark spots on their stomachs is a Disney tattoo. Andrew wants a real tattoo like my brother, his Uncle Stuart, has. I've told him that he can have a tattoo when he's 18 and legal. Andrew is fascinated that a real tattoo will never wash off and will be on his skin forever. Even after seeing the video below, he still says he wants one.

1 comment:

Laura C. said...

Haha! Maybe Andrew and I can get a tattoo together one day. :) He said something about getting a real tattoo when I visited but I refrained from showing him mine.