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Friday, February 20, 2009

Possible first sewing project

My mother gave me a sewing machine as a Christmas present. I hate that I've waited so long to open it so I wanted to let her know that I am going to attempt to overcome my sewing inadequacy and begin a project (or two).

I see so many cute things on various blogs that I want to try such as this crayon caddy, placemat clutch, coffee coozy, and these pillows....oh, how 'bout this lovely purse?!!?!?!? I thought about going the clothing route (and I probably will make a few things for Abigail soon) first but I need to start small and get the hang of sewing. I would love to take a beginner's class so I'll be checking out the local shop for those details; however, I think I can manage a straight line. Once I figure out how to thread the machine and keep the thread from tangling on the base, I'll get started.

What's my first project? I wanna make two field bags for the boys. Why this project first?

1. ...we have several pairs of pants that are too small for each of the boys. Not to mention that the pants have seen their last days as clothing. There's no use in saving them for another baby to wear at this point. BUT, they still have enough UMPH in them to be recycled and function as a bag.

2. ...half the sewing is already done due to the seams of the pants. This is my favorite reason.
Thanks to White Oak School (Camp Creek) for this idea!


Lori said...

yay! can’t wait to see them when they’re done! :^)

Heather - - said...

The placemat clutch is super easy!! Try it!

Thanks for the link!

Suri said...

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