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Monday, May 01, 2006

Just rambling.....

I watched the best show on television tonight....yeah, that's right.....24. Only four hours left of the 24 hour day. I'm hooked on Jack Bauer and am planted in my chair for the entire hour. It's cool how Jack never goes to the bathroom, can receive a great signal from land to the commercial airliner he's on, always has the right equipment on him to get the job done, and relies so heavily on his PDA. My question tonight is, after all that drama to get the recording back that implicates the president as the bad guy, why didn't Jack just download the digital recording to his PDA so Chloe could send it to CTU/Homeland Security? Don't tell me it an old-fashioned tape recording, cause I don't buy it.

Anyway, on a different note: We were up late last night cleaning the apartment since we had to be out by the first of the month. We called a babysitter at the last minute to basically sit and watch TV at our house for three hours while the boys slept so we could go back to the apartment and scrub toilets, mop and vacuum floors, and pack the last load. Now all the random piles of stuff are sitting in my dining room.

I would like to post a few pictures that I've taken these past few days but, since our computer is at Gateway headquarters getting "fixed", I can't just stick my Memory Stick into the hard-drive. That means I now need to find the USB cord in one of the many packed boxes so I can upload the pictures to Mitch's laptop that I've been using to post to my blog. Later!

1 comment:

Amber said...

Nah, they stop time for Jack to go to the bathroom during the commercial break. Don't you hate(!!) the commercials? Our fav right now is House, but we are holding off watching; 1, b/c we don't have time during the sememster, and 2, to get the entire season on dvd to watch at our leisure w/no commercials. I got last season for Frank as a gift, and we would put the boys to bed every nite for about 2 weeks in a row, then sit down and watch an episode--so much fun, and relatively cheap; aside from the cost of the dvd set. :o)