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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Solid food and not so solid food

Tonight, at five months of age, Luke had his first taste of solid food. He wasn't too impressed, as you can tell by these pictures. He still has a tongue reflex so most of the rice cereal ended up in the fold between his chin and neck. I'll try again tomorrow night. I'm sure he'll like peaches and pears better than the nasty bland cereal.

Andrew, however, found it hard to keep anything solid down. He upchucked three times before finally settling down for the night at 10:3o. He fell asleep at 8pm in my arms, which is rare. He didn't have a fever so I had no indication he wasn't feeling well until I heard him upchuck (via the monitor). I picked him up, stripped the bed sheets, put him in the bathtub, put clean sheets on the bed, and decided to lay down with him and sing him to sleep. It worked but I heard him upchuck again about ten minutes later. I only have two sets of sheets for his bed (yeah, I know you feel my pain, Amy) so after stripping the bed again and bathing him again, I made his bed with our bedsheets and a quilt. This time, however, I decided to rock him back to sleep. Guess what? He upchucked again but this time all over me. Back into the bathtub we BOTH went. He finally settled down and seemed to be in a better mood as he wanted to play and talk. Guess we'll see how late he sleeps in the morning.

1 comment:

Huffs said...

I am hoping you didn't all catch a stomach bug...last round that went through our house got the best of ALL of us!