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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Time with the boys

We are home.....the journey north this past weekend went smoothly but the drive-time home was hard. We thought that both of the boys would be extremely tired and would quickly fall asleep in the van on the way home; however, they were SO tired that it was too late and they cried almost the entire three hours home (we'll maybe not all three hours, but it felt like it - it was probably just an hour's worth of crying). We're glad to be in our own space, enjoying the familiarity.

The wedding reception was held at Chicopee Woods in Gainesville last night. It was absolutely beautiful! Today, before leaving the Atlanta metro area, we stopped at the Mall of Georgia to eat and play. Andrew loves riding the merry-go-round so Daddy snapped a picture of us enjoying the ride. Luke was strapped on Mitch's chest in the Snuggli so I grabbed the camera and took a picture. I love spending time with all my boys.

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