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Saturday, May 13, 2006

These past few days

These past few days have been rough on Andrew. I took him to the doctor Friday afternoon and it was confirmed that he had strep throat. I felt like a bad mother since three days had passed before I actually took him in. I just kept treating his fever with Ibuprofen and prayer. It was a good thing I took him to see the doctor (Mitch was gone to Presbytery so I was alone) as they are closed all weekend and I would have been stuck in the ER since I was told his fever would have gotten higher. Andrew slept so hard last night after the first dose of medication. He awoke feeling weak but seemed to be in a better mood. He took a three hour nap today and woke as a new person. The medicine was magic! The only bad thing about this whole thing is that he has to finish the pink berry medication over the next ten days....he's like his daddy was when he was little, running from me and kicking when I try to give him the stuff. Fortunately, he's not contagious at this point.

Luke is enjoying life. You can tell he loves the camera. He likes being naked, too. I'm gonna have a fantastic Mother's Day, I'm sure!

1 comment:

Amber said...

Oh Jawan, I feel your pain. Frankie complained of a bad headace and kept getting a high fever, and it lasted on and off for 2 weeks! Unfortunately when I finally did get in touch with the Dr., they said it was viral and nothing we could do. Don't beat yourself up or feel bad. I'm sure Andrew will never look back and be mad cuz you didn't take him to the dr. sooner...he'll just remember that yucky medicine, but by then he'll realize it was necessary! heehee...thanks for sharing!