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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party Time

Christmas means LOTS OF PARTIES! Most of the ones we attend are with our church family. Here's the proof!

First, there's the annual Dirty Santa party with our small group....the viking helmet and heart shaped plastic fly swatter made another appearance. Both items were randomly selected by the Fell family. Sorry, Alison and Nathan!

Chad delights in his stocking full of chocolate candy. He didn't keep it for long - Ira loves candy.

I gave my gift to my daughter - a Webkinz puppy that she named WORLEY.

The favorite and most stolen gift item of the night: A 6 pack of Blue Moon. The pastor opened it first but it was then stolen by Chad. Finally, Kelsey stole it one last time and was a happy man (and his wife was his biggest cheerleader).

Sometimes, we gather to have more mature parties, like this one. Our entire church family ate dinner together this past Sunday evening - it was delicious and the conversations were even sweeter.

Yeah, that's right....Ira was first in line. Every church meal, we always wait for him to start before forming a line.

I just thought this picture was funny - I looked over my shoulder and saw the Bundy-Fell jubilee!

1 comment:

heather said...

Great pictures! So fun to see. I also like your new family photo on the top of your blog. Looks great!