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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy 5th birthday, Luke!


The only baby with which I got to experience my water breaking on it's own.

My second child but first c-section....unplanned! Glad the epidural was already in place!

The cord was around your neck three times.....hence the c-section.

Early on in life, you began talking to me.

Then, your Daddy told you about Georgia Tech and their need for fans. You quickly became one.

To this day, you still get your groove on. If there's a beat on the stereo, you're shakin' your body.

Often, I have to ask you to sing softly rather than the usual loud volume that is heard as you run around the house as a wild man.

Today, you are five years old, Luke! Your low key personality would have never let the world know that this was the day that we celebrate the life God has given you - so, I'm doing it for you here on my blog. Not once today have you mentioned to anyone that this was a day you wanted the spotlight or deserved anything. I pray your heart remains humble.

Luke, you are such a joy......a blessing. I pray the Lord will capture your heart so you can know of the great love he has for you. Then, you'd understand why your mama could spend hours just hanging out with you. You always ask for a puckered "fish kiss" when I tuck you in. CUTE! I know one day you won't ask for a kiss anymore but I plan on taking every moment with you and treasuring it in my heart!

1 comment:

The Flukers said...

So fun to see your comment on my blog! Small world! Can't believe your baby is 5! I remember when you were pregnant with him... Wow... Hope your family is all doing well!