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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Our overnight visit kept us B-U-S-Y!

My brother and sister-in-law just bought a new house, are expecting their first child soon, and had nothing to do this past weekend. This meant that our family loaded up our van and drove north to the Atlanta area to spend the night with them. We stayed busy and had a blast!

Of course, you can't go any trip and not make a visit to Publix. We never leave that wonder of a grocery store without some free treat in hand. This time, it was a six fingered crayon nub. It kept our kids entertained for long periods of time during the car rides.

Once we arrived, I began snapping pics of my brother's cute and quaint little town. So historic! It was a delight just sitting at the traffic lights waiting for a green.

Since we were in the Atlanta area, we were surrounded by two of our favorite things.... Chick-Fil-A and Coca-Cola! However, being that we were in the same area as the founder of CFA, Truett Cathy, we decided to visit him at his grill. Heck, he was such a humble millionaire that he even stopped to pose for a picture with us. The food was delicious as usual.

This is the light fixture in the women's restroom at Truett's Grill. It's empty coke bottles! Only in Atlanta.....

Abigail entertained us on the car ride by singing alot of songs. We would make a request and she would belt the tune away! She even buckled her doll along for the fun.

Saturday morning was bliss in that we got to sleep in and hang out in our PJs for a few hours before moving on to the next activity.

We did a little fishing, too. Andrew received a fishing pole from my brother for Christmas and it was time to finally test it out. Luke also got his hands dirty. Bait of choice?....a hotdog. They caught three brim and thought they were professionals! Thanks, Stuart, for loving on your nephews. You've made a great memory with them.

Yeah, he was proud of his catch!

Aren't they a cute couple?

Abigail just hung out while her brothers cast their lines.

Finally, my brother lives within miles of Atlanta Motor Speedway. We thought we would just ride by and show the kids the perimeter of the race track since they are regular watchers (nappers, is more like it) of the Sunday races when we snuggle in bed for our afternoon nap. Security saw us desperately trying to get a peek of the cars through a high fence and waved us down. We thought we were gonna be in trouble but, instead, we were given a free pass to enter the in-field and pit row areas! Now, I don't hate NASCAR by any means but I don't know a whole lot about the sport. I could tell you the names of about 5-6 drivers but I don't know their car numbers, who owns them, or who sponsors their car. But this was a real treat because I knew that my boys would get a kick out of watching the loud cars race by while we stood just yards away!

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