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Monday, June 07, 2010

A few quick takes

1. I'm a night owl. I love staying up late and living in the quiet for a few hours alone. However, I am getting more sleep this summer than ever before. Well, not every night - but I do on most nights. I'm not sure if that's due to the kids being out of school which creates less responsibility to rise early, exhaustion from being outside literally all day, a cleaner house (since we're mostly outside), or ?????? I like it, though.

2. It happened two times last week. I was checking out at the register when the sweet cashier said, "Sweetie, did you know your shirt was on inside out?". I was embarrassed and Andrew giggled. Then, a few days later as I was unloading the children and groceries from the van, Andrew said, "Uh, did it again. You're shirt is on backwards and inside out." I felt normal when my friend, Peggy, arrived at church yesterday with her dress on backward.

3. Andrew is begging for school to start back up again. Why do I feel sad for him when he starts marking the days of summer off his calendar as he's counting down to the first day of first grade? Luke is lovin' this "being at home" routine.

4. It rained every afternoon last week. We played in it, got dirty, and we liked it. So there, rain!

5. I sneezed loudly in church service yesterday but I remembered to sneeze into my elbow. However, Luke's head is at my elbow height. Sorry, my little man.

6. We spend every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at one of our city parks since it houses the tennis complex where Andrew takes lessons. When finished with tennis, we usually go on a walk and bug exploration. Last week, we took three large jars so we could capture a few frogs. A "few frogs" turned into twenty baby frogs in one jar which then turned over in my van. It was NOT FUN hunting frogs in my van in the scorching Georgia sun & humidity. Just sayin'....

7. We have awesome neighbors. I can see six houses from my front window and God has allowed me to know all those who live there. Two houses will be going through a transition in a month since they are both employed in the army and will be moving to another post. We had a block party last week to celebrate our friendship. They will be missed!

1 comment:

your favorite cousin - KIM! ha said...

you made me laugh - the clothes on backwards & the frogs in the van! thanks for the laughs - i truly loved it! haha