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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Write your representative, PLEASE!

I have a close friend who faithfully writes letters to her state representative, requesting anything that God lays on her heart to speak about and stand behind. I've often thought of writing one of those letters myself but have stopped just short for whatever reason.....laziness, apathy, uneducated on the issue, thinking my request would never be read, and fear - you name it, I've felt it.

Oh, how my heart aches for those precious little children left orphaned in Haiti. There were U.S. -Haitian adoptions already in process when the quake hit and now there is a possibility that, due to lost paperwork, the adoptions might not "go through". I've emailed my state representative TONIGHT to ask that he help in granting the necessary passports and visas to those children whose adoption is already in process. If you'd like to do the same, please do and then tell your friends, blog about it, update your FB status, and pray. The reports are saying that due to overflowing orphanages, most of the children left without parents will become street children. If only I could snap my fingers and fill my house with these precious lives!

The state department has answered my question,"Can I parent the orphaned children?".

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