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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swim time for ME!

The boys have been in swim lessons for the past two weeks. I have always loved the water and was even on a young swim team as a child for a year or two. I was never a very competitive swimmer but I did enjoy learning the different strokes and swimming a few laps. So, I've started back and have been swimming almost every morning. This time has been refreshing for me. I actually jump out of the bed, eager to get in the pool....and some of you know how much of a night-owl I am! While swimming back and forth between lap lines, I do alot of thinking about what the day holds, tasks on my TO DO list, prayer for my family, and how my muscles are KILLING me! I've even lost a little bit of weight.

Now, let's all join together in prayer that I can continue back on this routine AFTER we return from DisneyWorld in two weeks.

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