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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Abigail initiated to me today by saying, "I need go potty, Mama." We had already started that morning with talk of "going" in the potty and not in a diaper. In fact, I had actually already removed her diaper and put BIG GIRL PANTIES on her to wear around the house so she could make some sort of connection. I think it worked! She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where I helped her onto the potty where she pee'd and later, at another time, even pooped! We repeated this several more times during the day with only one accident later in the evening. Maybe she'll be totally potty-trained by her second birthday next month! Oh, what joy comes to me heart to imagine having to buy no more diapers!

I'm just a proud mama.


BKicklighter said...

Our kids are so advanced :)
Let me know how day 2 goes. I really am waiting until next week to put on big girl undies - we'll be at home all week and it won't be so "scary".

Aunt B said...

Way to go baby girl--excuse me, BIG girl;~)

I used sticker earrings to reward Katie---she'd do anything to get a pair of earrings.

The Montgomery Family said...

I can't even get my three year old to want to go in the potty, let alone the almost two year old.

Yet more evidence that I am a failure as a mother. ;-)

The Zevacs said...

yea! we started on monday and things are going pretty well...

go abigail!