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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing Dad

Today marks six years. It's been six years since my father passed away. He was young; only 59. Each time a huge event happens in the world, I relate it in time to my father's death: the shuttle returning to earth and burning up, September 11, the birth of my children, and so forth. Every detail of THAT horrible day stands out in my mind. I remember the phone call at 1:00 a.m. I remember all the emotions; screaming, crying, pounding the bed, hugging my husband. I remember being surrounded by family that week. Time can take away some of the pain and freshness of losing him but there are still so many things about him that will never be forgotten.

* Daddy's voice was low. I loved listening to him sing in those deep bass tones.
* When a little girl, he would sometimes wake me up in the mornings by rubbing his prickly whisker-face on my cheeks.
* He loved to listen to the "old men" of music, as I referred to them: Elvis, Sinatra, Glen Campbell, and more.
* I remember his pale white skin.....reminds me of my own! He would burn in the sun just like me.
* I remember his laugh. He smoked a good bit of his life so he had a raspy laugh. He quit smoking later in life but the raspiness stayed with him.
* I remember his love for sports...sometimes his love kept him in his recliner so I would often serve him his supper on a UGA dinner tray.
* He loved being a salesman. THE DEALMAKER - #1!
* He LOVED the Georgia Bulldogs. He had several coke bottles commemorating the UGA 1980 football championship sitting around the house. Sic 'em Dawgs! I enjoyed listening to him tease his brother, Uncle David, during football season since because, for some odd reason, David turned out to be a Gator fan - despite having grown up in South Carolina and Georgia. What a weirdo! Just teasing, Uncle David!

The list goes on.....I think I'll stop here and thank God for the 25 years I was able to enjoy with my father.

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Huffs said...

Prayed for you today...