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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mary's reception & water balloons

We went to Atlanta this past weekend to celebrate the new marriage of my college roommate, Mary, and husband Darien. It also seemed like a mini college alumni reunion. Pictured here are many of my close friends from my college days. Now we're all married and carry the title of Mommy. Boy, we're old!

While we were in Atlanta, we decided to save the money by not staying in a hotel but rather stayed overnight with our sweet friends, Amy and Sam and their five kiddos. We had such fun chatting about football, crafts, kids, and theology until 2:00 in the morning (I hope I don't fall asleep during Mitch's sermon tomorrow!). Today we went out in their front yard and enjoyed the weather by throwing water balloons at each other. Mallary and Samuel are teaching the art of the overhand throw to Andrew in this picture. In the bottom picture you can see Andrew getting ready to use his overhand to soak his daddy!

1 comment:

Laura Clayton said...

I miss you guys! And I'm jealous that y'all got to spend time with the Griffith's!...Hopefully I'll get to come visit after football season madness is over.