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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Mitch and I went to Six Flags today. It rained most of the morning but we had a good time, regardless, and it soon cleared up. We took advantage of the cool weather and rain by standing in a shorter line to ride the GOLIATH (which was a ride that took my breath away! We rode in the front car...I'll never do that again!). Like my friend Crissy, I made several observations during my time standing in line for the many roller coasters that Mitch and I love to ride. Most of these observations made me uncomfortable. You will probably have amusement park flashbacks, sigh, and then nod your head in agreement as you read my list.

1. body odor
2. dirty water being splashed about
3. walking barefoot in the public restroom
4. sticky wet people bumping into me
5. sticky wet people standing too close to me in the line
6. couples who seem to think the line is a hotel room (can't keep their hands off each other)
7. couples attached at the mouth look up confused as to why people in line are staring at them
8. teenagers who run you over trying to beat you to the end of the line
8. old gum stuck that's been spit out and disposed of improperly
9. handrails...especially wet handrails
10. wet hairy men

I'm starting to sound like my college roommate, I becoming a germ freak, too?

1 comment:

Amy Self said...

Jawan, I'm dying to go to Six Flags sometime soon. Don't know if we'll make it this year. Love your list, but I had to add one observation to your list:
11. Some girls think they have to walk around Six Flags in their bikini tops to be cool.

Take care,