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Monday, August 14, 2006

Thinking back

I think about all sorts of stuff when up in the middle of the night feeding my infant son. Tonight, I thought back to my elementary days and tried to list my teacher's names in order of grade. Making a mental list at 2:00 a.m. helps me to stay awake while feeding the baby. HA! So, here's my list.....can you do it, too?

First grade - Mrs. Everett
Second grade -Mrs. Mann
Third grade - Mrs. NeSmith
Fourth grade - Mrs. Frantz
Fifth grade - Mrs. Johns and Mrs. Chester
Sixth grade - Mrs. Jones and Mrs. C (short for Cernogorsky)

I had way too many teachers from seventh grade on to remember all of them. However, a few stand out.
  • I loved my ninth grade English teacher, Mrs. Watson. She was a hoot!
  • Although he was a bit quirky and strange, Mr. Farrell was a cool chemistry and physics teacher.
  • My ninth grade biology teacher, Ms. Scott, ended up marrying Mr. Farrell soon after I graduated. Weird.
  • I always hated math, but I thought Mr. Christie was the best at explaining the formulas.
  • Typing teacher, Mrs. Williams....she's the reason I type so well today; "All together now, class. Place your fingers on home base and let's begin. Ready, a a a a j j j j f f f f .....".
  • I loved playing the flute in the band as well as leading the colorguard with my flag during football season. My band director, Mr. Mayhall (although he's at the "enemy school" now), was probably my favorite teacher of all.
  • No, favorite teacher from high school was definitely Mrs. Stowers. I was in her class for Junior English and for AP English my senior year. She pushed me extremely hard. Her class was always a challenge!

What's weird is that I went on to become a teacher and might be on someone's mental list as they try to dig deep and remember my name. HA! That's a scary thought.

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