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Friday, August 11, 2006

My feet hurt

My feet really hurt....mostly my left one since that's the side/hip where Luke usually sits. The pain runs from my foot up to the small of my back. My uncle, who is a chiropractor, would tell me that wearing flip flops all summer doesn't help the matter. I would agree but it's so easy to just slip them on and off rather than bending down to tie shoes. Boy, I'm lazy. Mitch and I are going to Six Flags tomorrow but you better believe I'm going to wear my tennis shoes......I certainly wouldn't want my flip flops flying off the roller coasters! HA!

Check this out. Andrew loves playing in the water....especially when it falls from the sky.

1 comment:

Huffs said...

Does he own any rainboots? If not, I am sure we have some we could pass down. My kiddos INSIST on pulling rainboots on at the first sign of a shower, and I let long as there's no lightening!