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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Publix Field Trip

Luke and I accompanied Andrew on his class field trip to Publix this morning. There, he saw the deli slice meat and cheese, learned how the bakery decorates cakes, watched the butcher cut meat with a metal glove, touched a live lobster, tasted fresh pineapple, and waved at the pharmacist as she counted pills. Since he was so excited about touching the lobster, we came home and downloaded/printed a lobster coloring sheet off the Internet. He and I sat in the floor coloring and talking about that lobster for what seemed like forever! What a memory! Here is the finished masterpiece.


Crissy said...

I LOVE the pic of him at the meat section. He's adorable. And for a lobster (or as Ty used to call them - hamsters)to hold his attention for that long shows real intelligence, in my opinion. What a great field trip! Don't ya just love Publix? I know I do!

Community Presbyterian Church, PCA said...

When should we plan on coming over for the big "lobster-fest" at the McGinnis home?