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Monday, February 06, 2006


Guess what I did today? I realized, after four hours, that I had my jeans on backwards. Since having two little babies in the house demanding my time and energy, I grabbed the first pair of jeans off the floor and simply put my legs in them without looking for the tag. It wasn't until I returned home from being gone all morning that I realized my mistake. I looked down at my jeans and saw the two back pockets facing me! I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

It's the middle of naptime and I'm still trying to get both boys to sleep at the same time. Andrew goes down for his nap pretty well since he's almost two and used to the naptime routine. Luke, however, is still too new to the world so he's a bit harder to calm. Anyway, you can pray that they will soon be sleeping during the same two-hour-window.

Apartment living has its ups and downs. Now, we love the management here and often stop by their office to chit chat, even when the rent isn't due....but, no one can say that apartment living is better than living in a house. I have to be careful what I say here because my wonderful friend, Sandi, is in charge of this entire complex (and does a heck of a job managing it, I must say!) and she reads my blog. It seems that everyone in the world does business while my children are trying to nap in the afternoon. The lawn crew weed-eats and cuts grass outside Andrew's window, cars being started at 5:30 each morning to warm up for 15 minutes before their owner leaves for work, motorcycles being parked right by your master window, people coming home at 1:00 a.m. talking loudly on their cell phones, tenants stopping at the bottom of the breezeway staircase by our bedroom window having a conversation, the carpet team installs new carpet upstairs, the neighbor decides to wash his car with his stereo on full blast, car lights flashing in our windows since we're in the middle of the building at the bottom of the entrance...oh, and did I mention that the water-main faucet is located just below Andrew's window so he hears it when it squeaks being turned on and off. We chose to live on the floor level since I was pregnant at the time of our move and didn't want to take stairs being "with-child" and carrying a toddler. That seems to be the only good reason to live on this level in the front of the building. If we live in another apartment, I'm gonna be sure to ask for a floor level in the back of the building where there's a terrace level below me so there's no car lights flashing in my eyes, no men walking just outside my windows cutting grass, no stereos to listen to while so-and-so washes his car, no dog poop on my porch, and no public water faucet that squeaks when being turned. This is no reflection on the management (I love you, Sandi!) just comes with the neighborhood....the apartment neighborhood, that is.

On a more positive note, the advantage to renting is you don't have to make repairs. Our hot water heater decided to die on us last week and the management hopped right on it. We had a new hot water heater in no time. Our toilet sprung a leak.....after making a quick phone call, Mr. Maintenance Man was here with a new hose for it. You're the best, Sandi!

(I'm scared to publish this post...will I regret it later?)

Gotta go....I can hear Andrew crying. He's only slept 30 minutes. The guys are installing carpet just above his room. "Hammer, pow, boom, rattle, hit, pow, hammer!"

1 comment:

Amber said...

Oh Jawan!! I feel your pain! It's no better in Cali...We live on the upper level and everytime folks go up and down the steps, it vibrates and makes us feel we're having an earthquake...heehee. But, you're right about the management...ours is really great too, and takes care of all our needs. I like not having the upkeep...I just miss having a yard...