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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"It won't happen to me..."

You should really read the latest posting on Mitch's blog (see his link to the right). Although I've never had cancer, nor had anyone extremely close to me develop cancer, I've never given much thought to the disease and all that it affects. I guess I've had the selfish attitude of "it hasn't and won't ever happen to me", so I've remained comfortable with myself and with MY a life of "it's all about ME". After reading John Piper's view on life and on what he's learned in his battle with cancer, I realized how little I've cared....about the life of others and my own. What is the purpose of life? Only to love God and to enjoy him forever. How do I do this? By caring about the Gospel, sharing it with others, living it out in my own life, and ENJOYING the life God has given me. My eyes are open and I look back and see how I, too, have wasted so much despite the fact that I don't have cancer as Piper does. He wrote such powerful words on the eve of his surgery. WOW! I bet you wanna read it now, huh? Click here to view it.

Random thought for the day:
I've already picked out the names of our future dogs (in no particular order):
Piper, Calvin, Edward(s), Packer, Tolkein, Spurg(eon), Knox...and of course, Luther

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Mitch said...

Where's Luther?