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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Steakhouse & Gum

Yesterday, all three of us ate at a local Japanese Steakhouse for the first time and it was so much fun. Andrew loved watching the chef grill our food in front of us and, even though the heat from the fire was strong, he loved it when the flames went up high and let off lots of smoke. Our chef was really funny and twirled his utensils around, calling himself a "Japanese Cowboy". Andrew laughed so hard and you could hear him all over the steakhouse...I think it was one of our best eating out expereriences with a toddler yet.

Also, Andrew likes to pop the bubbles I make with my gum so when I blew a large bubble yesterday he attacked it with vengeance and yanked the whole piece out of my mouth, putting it into his (it was a small piece so don't worry). I thought he'd swallow it but he ended up chewing it for quite a while. I forgot about him having it until I put him into the bathtub and found it in his hair. Fortunately it came out with some soap and water.

Luke has been "acting up" lately. He's putting lots of pressure on my lower back and kicking me everywhere! I've been able to get some sleep but I seem to have to go the restroom every two hours. I am miserable and am almost at the point where I can't pick up Andrew anymore. I'm glad he's walking!

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