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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Our Little Lion

We've been busy today! We spent a good part of the morning at a children's expo in downtown Columbus which was really fun for all. There, Andrew rode the pirate ship, waved at everyone, laughed at the martial arts team, painted a pumpkin, and made friends with a lion...or at least someone hidden inside of a lion suit! After naptime we all went to the Fall Festival at Andrew's Preschool where he wore his lion outfit (see picture). He didn't stay in it any longer than it took me to take some pictures. He was more interested in sitting in the fire engine or on the police motorcycle. For the first time, Andrew slid down one of those huge inflated slides all by himself....and loved it! Thanks for letting me share and for visiting often to read about our family events!

1 comment:

chad and chrissy said...

It looks like you had a great weekend. Andrew is so cute especially in his costume.