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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The front row

I don't have to sit near the front if I don't want to.

...but I want to.

Sitting on the second row helps myself and my children to worship.  It gives them a direct visual line to watch their dad preach, the pianist and violinist play, to see the community they have been given, to see the sacrament of baptism with clarity, and to watch communion be administered and valued.

Sitting on the second row also means that the congregation gets a great view of me disciplining my children.  There's a sweet couple that sit behind us each Sunday and I've often turned to them after the service and said, "Carol, I apologize for the squirming and constant bulletin dropping on your feet", to which she's always replied, "What a blessing those children are! I count it joy to be able to watch your children worship, no matter how often I have to bend over and pick up their things.  If I didn't, we wouldn't keep sitting behind you all!".

Today, as a closing hymn, we sang "In Christ Alone". Although we sing this song often, the words still grab my heart and remind me of my desperate state.  How merciful and gracious is the Father!

...So, the congregation got to see the snot and tears flow from my orifices as I sang with my family this morning.

Praise God!

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