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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall kickoff

The fall season brings many changes to schedules in our lives.  Sports, clocks, weather....and small group!  Our church is growing and it's exciting to see the need for more room, more small groups, more Bible studies, and more conversation.  God has brought many Army families to our congregation that are actually going to be in town for 2-3 years - they've even bought houses!  Also, a Korean PCA church has begun meeting in our facilities so we now have Korean friends (and food!) that we see weekly and get to fellowship with over food and other events.

Our children are watching, listening, and learning to walk in grace through relationships, too.  I told someone last Sunday that I remember seven years ago when our children's Sunday school class consisted of just three little ones (two of which were mine) - guess how many kids were in SS this past week?  18!  There are now three children's classes and it seems that Children's Church will now require a third helper. Adult SS is packed with college students, new parents, empty-nesters, and those in an older generation.  I am encouraged to see friendships form between the women of all ages as we realize how much we need each other.


Lizzie C. said...

That's so great! I'm really missing the small community of Westminster right now. I found a place in a big church in Charlottesville, but I am struggling with how much the church I went to in college has grown here. I start a women's study this week that will hopefully help, but I miss being known at Westminster. And of course, I miss you and your family!

Ashley Luther said...

This gives me so much encouragement! I love hearing that Westminster is growing and thriving under the grace of God.