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Monday, February 07, 2011

Just a few photos for your viewing pleasure

Abigail loves markers and is enjoying learning the alphabet. She is often found at the kitchen table just writing random letters over and over. It makes me smile.

Can you guess what we are studying in our Bible curriculum? These are just some of my visual aids.

Luke often asks, "Mom, why do old people wear their britches so high?". Do you think the old people he's referring to are his mom and dad? I don't know of any other old people's waist lines that he'd notice.

Andrew is losing teeth and loves to floss. He walks around the house with his floss pack. Good habit to have.

Right after Christmas, I bought a gingerbread kit for $.70. It came with three miniature houses and a set of Snoopy and Woodstock characters. The kids were a little impatient (and me, too!) because the cookie pieces didn't stick to the icing quite like they do in the picture. We finally reached success....kind of.

Luke was so impatient that he abandoned the project and went outside to ride his bike, hence the helmet.

I sat on the floor tonight and played "colors" with the kids and their Hot Wheels collection. They decided to organize their cars in a circle according to color. It was fun to watch them "at work."

Then, it morphed into this:

Abigail loves to have her hair washed in the kitchen sink with the sprayer. I remember being a young girl and my mother doing the same thing with me once or twice a week. Making sweet memories!

Just chillin' out on the couch, watching WINTER WIPEOUT!

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