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Monday, February 07, 2011

Indian houses

(Adobe house)

We just finished a week long study on Native Americans in the K4 curriculum. Luke always seems to grab concepts quickly and tackle tasks fast. Learning about the ways the Indians worked the land and lived has fascinated him. In fact, he's so amazed by it all that he requested a National Geographic video about Native American life as a Christmas gift (thanks, Aunt Kristi and Uncle Stuart!).

In class, we discussed the various types of houses the Indians may have built within their tribe, including the wigwam, tepee, chickee, long house, and adobe house.

During church this morning, he drew a few pictures and then passed them to me. I assumed they were pictures of what his daddy was preaching about - but, nope....he drew pictures of Indian houses. At least he's been listening in class.

(Chickee & Tepee)

Now, if I could just get him to listen in church!

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