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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you, Lord, for my J-O-B

My little girl busted her top lip when she took a fall on the school playground today. I am so glad that I was there with her and able to hold her as well as take care of her boo boo. Our school principal is a good friend of mine and it was a sweet moment to sit in her office while holding Abigail in my arms. I like my job.

Mitch has a wonderful job that is flexible and allows him to stay home with sick children. Being a pastor, sometimes the quiet of home gives him more peace than the busy-ness of his office. He often gets more done at home! Since he's able to stay home with sick babies, I don't have to use "sick days" or unpaid absences. The past two days, Andrew has been home with his daddy, healing on antibiotics from strep throat. Then, he took Abigail home from school today after she busted her lip. He's a good daddy...and fantastic husband.

I get to spend all my mornings with Luke. He's in my class so I am able to watch him learn, play, and grow. It truly is a blessing. I think he enjoys school more for it, too. There's nothing like watching my little man grasp concepts, play with his friends, count out loud, and communicate ideas. I like my job.

I told a friend recently that I had a hard time back in August as I transitioned from being at home with my children over the past six years to getting back into the work force (even though it's only's still exhausting). I think I even went through a period of grief. Me going back to work makes a lot of sense for our family right now, though. At this time in my life, all three children are in school, two of the three get out of school at the same time I do (that makes sense since I'm teaching at their school), I trust the school board, Session, principal, and teachers to help come alongside me and assist in educating my children, and we need the money to help pay the bills.

Yes, I like my job. I am so very thankful for it.

...but....I'll always love being a mother more.

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