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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's easier to post pictures than to write a post

I always post late at night to my blog. I have the duties of laundry, dishes, and packed lunches looming. Pictures are far easier to post.

Frozen cookie dough was delivered to our school last week. Along with it came a block of dry ice. We Googled "dry ice activities" to see what we could do with it in my preschool classroom. All we had to do was carefully (without touching) place it in a large stainless steel bowl with cold water to witness it boil and smoke. The kids loved it!

Our church supports missionaries, Johnny & Becky Long, who are with World Harvest Mission in England. They are home for a few months and stopped by to visit (and preach!) this past weekend. A group of us from church took them out so they could eat some BBQ at a famous hog joint in town.

Abigail goes to the library once or twice a week. There, she colors a page first before picking out her books and music.

We just finished studying the life of Noah in my preschool class. As an ending to our lesson, the students made an ark from paper. Do you see the green dots in the windows of the ark? Yeah, you don't want to miss seeing Noah's family puking their guts out as the ark tossed about. Luke will also tell you that they were sick of smelling all the filth from the animals!

Andrew will often sit down and spend quite a bit of time drawing. I usually sit and watch as not to disturb him. He's currently sick with strep throat. You can pray for him if you think about it.

I found a brand new Save-A-Lot grocery store in town last week. I'm thrilled! I still don't know how I missed that grand opening, though.

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