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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stone Mountain

It's been over 20 years since I was last at Stone Mountain Park, GA. Our good friends took us with them on a fun filled day to the park with the enormous granite rock - and we all had a delightful time! Our kids really enjoyed the cable car ride up the mountain and the 1.6 mile walk back down. After calculating the trails we walked after our hike down, we figured our feet took us on a good 3 mile journey. I was so proud of our kids....they didn't complain once!

There are so many more activities offered at the park than I remember. I think that's what they call "change", Jawan!

I spent a good bit of my time with Luke and Abigail while Andrew and Mitch played together on some of the larger and more dangerous activities. These two didn't want to stop going down the zip line. I wish I could install one in our backyard!

The kids (and Mitch) being silly. We snapped this photo just before eating dinner. Although they were hungry, the kids didn't want to stop playing to eat. We had to force them to eat pizza and cupcakes.
The pumpkin festival is going on at the park. I think they are giving them (The pumpkins) some sort of steroid shot, though.
Hiking the trail along the bottom of the mountain.

Can you spot all three children?

The scene at the top.
Raise your hands up in the air!
Raise 'em like ya just don't care!

Thanks, Jennie and Travis, for a wonderful afternoon with family and friends!

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