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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Principal's office

The principal of our school is a sweet, good friend of mine. She's been my friend far longer than she's been my "boss"..... she hates it when I tease her with that title. She is super at her job and I'm so glad she loves working with all of us gals at the school. One thing she has to do a lot is speak with children who have shown disrespect to others.

On Monday of last week, Abigail was taken to see Mrs. Principal.
She was repeatedly ignoring her teacher on the playground and not coming to the gate when called. I love her teacher!

The next day, Tuesday, Luke was taken to speak with Mrs. Principal.
He put his hand on another child when he was threatened of losing his spot in the line. Yes, this is the child that is in my class. After I spoke with him as his teacher AND mother, I took him to the office. He was not happy with me.

The very next day, Wednesday, Andrew was taken to visit Mrs. Principal.
Let me give credit to Andrew, though. He was not "in trouble". There was an incident involving a few students in his class and he was called in to clarify and give his account of what he saw. Whew!

Yep, three kids in three days. You read that right. It's ALWAYS those preacher's kids.

Sin, oh how I hate thee!

I pray that the grace of the Lord speak to the hearts of my children and show them His ways.

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