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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Our good friend, Laura, from our sweet old town of Moody, came to visit us this weekend. The boys remember who Laura is even though quite a few months pass between her visits. She's just down the road at Auburn University but classes, RUF, and friends keep her busy. We are always thankful for a little time with her. She loves my children and doesn't mind correcting them when they error (I love that she does it so gently!). She is another adult in my children's lives, reminding them of the Gospel. They love her attention and wanted her to help them brush their teeth this afternoon. Abigail loved it when Laura held her. I am selfishly hoping that she decides to stay close by after she graduates in 2009 (we're praying she'll go to graduate school at Auburn). We love you, Laura!


Crissy said...

Laura's an adult! Sometimes I forget that. I used to brush HER teeth!

Burt said...

moody - "sweet old town"? it's now the epicenter of Christianity in America!