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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kids are so different, yet alike

Kids are so different in so many ways. For example:

Andrew spit the paci out at a year
Luke still loves his paci at age 21 months (we're trying to wean him!)
Abigail is a thumb sucker

Andrew didn't sleep through the night until age 9 months
Luke slept through at 8 months
Abigail slept through at 9 weeks (bliss!)

Andrew usually makes a "happy plate"
Luke never makes a happy plate but rather a messy floor and shirt
Abigail doesn't eat alot

Andrew is clingy and dependent
Luke is an explorer and very independent
Abigail likes to be held but only as you're standing or walking

Andrew cries often
Luke screams often
Abigail just listens

Andrew walked at age 11 months
Luke walked at 12 months
Abigail can't wait to walk

Andrew likes to sit in my lap and do whatever I'm doing
Luke loves to dance and listen to music (he's also a reader)
Abigail just wants to look at my face and smile/coo

Andrew hates riding in the car
Luke enjoys riding in the car
Abigail just looks at herself in the mirror

Andrew enjoys school
Luke tolerates it
Abigail loves being homeschooled (ha!)

Andrew is a snuggler
Luke doesn't want to be touched until he says so
Abigail lives on my chest or shoulder (simply b/c I'm her food source!)

Andrew fights sleep and hates bedtime
Luke loves to sleep and lunges for his bed
Abigail has her own schedule that varies from day to day (we're working on that)

Kids are also very similar:

Andrew and Luke both
...LOVE candy
...beg for gum
...enjoy being outside
...would live in a pool if I'd let them animals church
...enjoy other children
...think our adult friends are the best


Burt said...

just wait until you do that list again with 7 kids

Katherine Maxey said...

so true!! glad AB is a great sleeper!

kim said...

So true! I agree - kids are so different! I was just explaining the differences between Jamie & Tiffani myself to a friend this last weekend.

7 kids - really? OMG! ha That's going to be one long list - will you have the time? ha You'll say "blog? What's that?" haha

L said...

Totally understand! See you next week!

Laura said...

This was fun. Thanks!