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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I had to delete a comment from my last post because an anonymous person accused me of being a Devil Worshiper. "Devil worshiping" to one = "loving your neighbor" to another!


Anonymous said...

"Devil worshipping"="loving your neighbor"? Would you please quote me the scriptures to back this up, I have never been able to find them!

Jawan said...

First of all, I didn't equate the two. Second of all, I will not have this conversation via my blog. You can tell me who you are and I'd be glad to carry this forward privately via email.

Libby said...

You GO GIRL!!!!

Crissy said...

Sounds to me like "anonymous" might have a reading comprehension problem. He/she might want to work on that.

Jason and Susie said...

Since one fateful bite of fruit a long time ago, there has been very little under the sun that may be considered to be "untainted". Actually, one could make the case that one of the major themes we are called to as Christians is to be engaged in God's task of bringing this fallen and tainted world towards ultimate redemption. There is no chance of being about this grand narrative of redemption if we insist on walling ourselves off within Christian ghettos or by alienating ourselves from the communities in which we dwell. Engage the culture with the love of a Savior who sought out and spent extensive time with prostitutes and tax collectors, all people just like us. Jawan, be encouraged and continue building those relationships within your community. This is exactly how the Kingdom expands and redemption takes place. One Christ-filled encounter at a time!