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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Girl's Night Out

Only a few weeks until Mary gets married. We love to get together so this gave us another reason to get away. We left responsibility at home (except I brought Luke with me) and got a hotel room so we could sit up until the wee hours laughing, chatting, eating, and reminiscing about our fun college days as roommates. Pictured from left to right: Libby, Mary, Heather, and me. Many adjectives come to mind when I think of my three best friends.....of course, my list could be longer but I haven't the room or time to list them all!

Libby = structured, organized, clean-freak, smart, personable, loyal, funny, and kind.
Mary = crazy, hysterical, laid-back, friendly, compassionate, and fun to be around
Heather = faithful, patient, encouraging, sweet, down-to-earth, germ-freak, and tidy.

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