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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Captivating talent

Our church has been blessed with beautiful and a talented group of college students who all happen to be theater or music majors of some kind at our local university. This past Sunday evening, a good bit of them performed a laid back concert of sorts for our congregation. It was pure delight. God has gifted these students with amazing talent and it thrilled my heart to be able to have the joy to sit and listen to them play to the glory of God.

Antonio, Lauren, & JB

The book is no longer illegal!

Sam demonstrates his fiddling skills to my boys while Chad and Mitch observe.

Phillip is amazing on the piano!

JB & Sam

Katie & Antonio


Just before he performed, JB's capo broke. Sam stepped in and held in place while JB played the piece. Teamwork!

Once they were finished, we formed an informational panel and asked them all sorts of questions such as, "What do you hope to do with your music degree and where would you like to see yourself in ___ years? What brought you to Columbus? Where's "home"?". We all smiled when we realized that the majority of the students that have been attending our church (some have joined!) are only sophomores. Our church has swooped in and taken great care of their needs (fed and housed them!) and treated them as family. We hope to get to know them better and have lasting friendships with them all.

God is magnificent!

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