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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Got it all for $5

I am pleased to say that I accomplished my goal of finding cute, nice, quality spring dresses for Abigail without paying over-the-top prices...especially for the Easter holiday that is right around the corner. Our city has a city-wide consignment sale twice a year (spring/fall) so I always make sure to gather all the junk clutter outgrown children's clothes (and other random items) to sell of my own and then get in there to dig through the racks to find that one, two, or three really special outfits. I found these sweet outfits in the first fifteen minutes I was there and only paid $5 total. I would have continued shopping but I felt that the dresses were all I really needed. So, happily, I walked out with only these three items...I done good!

1 comment:

Ang said...

I got 3 outfits, a bathing suit, and a pair of sandels for $20. I thought that was pretty good :o)