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Thursday, August 02, 2007


We played in the rain puddles this afternoon. Yes, they are napping now (and I'm washing their clothes).


Kim said...

RAIN? WHAT'S THAT? haha I'd love some of that! We never get any!

Anonymous said...

hummm, we could use some of that rain too--but I'm glad such cuties could enjoy it if we couldn't! Those pictures of the kids having such fun in the rain are priceless! Good for you for letting them get wet and dirty--they are only kids for such a short time... Love Joni M

Anonymous said...

jawan- you are super mom- makes me feel bad for never letting morgan do things like that! i guess maybe the princess in her wouldn't want to anyway? hehe. see ya soon!

Anonymous said...

oh... forgot to sign...

holly tye


Crissy said...

jawan, did you roll your eyes when you read the name 'super-mom'? only you know your sin up close and personal... but for what it's worth, you are a great mom. sleep deprivation and hormones don't change that.