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Monday, October 23, 2006


Haven't blogged in a week.....been super busy and out-of-town. We just returned from a four day journey to Mississippi (my home state) to attend my cousin, Lora's, wedding. While there, we stayed with my other cousin, Brian, and his sweet, hilarious, cute, and insane wife, Heidi. We had a blast. Lora was beautiful so we took a moment to get a family picture of those on her side in attendance. After we returned to Brian and Heidi's house, I geared up to take an evening ride on Brian's Harley Davidson. It was awesome! I wish it hadn't been so dark and cold but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. My friend Crissy once shared on her blog about a time she went for a motorcycle ride. I thought of her story as I was riding behind Brian, feeling the wind against my face. It was amazing! Anyway, the boys loved Mississippi and I enjoyed spending time with my mother, who rode with us.

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kim said...

I didn't know Brian had a Harley! Good man! When did he get that? Thanks for the pictures & sharing, so that we could see the wedding, Lora in her dress & who attended, it was nice seeing you guys, Uncle Paul/Aunt Mildred, Brian, Heidi, etc... Thank you very much!