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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The King is Coming!

What a promise God has made! The King is surely coming! The children were so excited to hear about God's covenant that his Son would one day return. It's a promise that I, as an adult, need to claim and hold on to as I struggle with life and my own sin. VBS was a huge success with over 70 children in attendance! The workers were great....whether they were serving the children in the classroom, on the playground, in crafts, making snack plates (yummy!), playing games, telling mission stories, or taking them to the potty - fun was had by all. The Gospel rings true!
Katie and Kat make crafts with their class.
I think Katie (in the green) is having more fun than anyone!

No, that Dot waving her hands in the air, acting like she just don't care? What a hoot!

I enjoyed directing this huge project with Leslie and couldn't have done it without her.

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