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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Just another afternoon at the beach

All week we've been saying, "This time last week, we were at the beach." We made some wonderful memories, all of which our children are still referring to everyday. 

 Building sand castles while singing hymns out loud to herself....something I'm thankful for.

The kids found a live crab on the sand and were fascinated by how it moved and waved its claws in the air.

Andrew's name means BRAVE.....he didn't hesitate to pick up this amazing creature and show it off to the camera.

 A sweet memory in the shallows with Dad.

 This jellyfish was dead when we found it so we scooped it up with our net and placed it farther up the beach so we could examine it closer.

 Mitch and Andrew were in the ocean fishing but we were able to snap this shot to prove that I really was a part of this trip.

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