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Monday, February 12, 2007

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

There are boxes everywhere! We have officially made the move from one house to the next. We still don't have our cable hooked up yet so we have a sweet friend taping 24 for us tonight. Since we don't have our cable yet, we are also without Internet access....which is probably a good thing since it's a distraction for me. I need to be spending what little time I have unpacking boxes and organizing rooms.

My friend, Crissy, is a wonderful writer and extremely transparent in her words. She shoots straight from the heart. I wish everyone knew this friend of mine. She's an amazing godly woman. Click on her name above to access her blog.

1 comment:

April Barber said...

I know how you feel girl....Just went through that same process....we downsized half of our things and left them in Atlanta with Dan's mom. I wonder how much of that stuff we will need after living without it for the next four years!